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The purpose of this web site is simple. I've gotten two speeding tickets from the California Highway Patrol while being very careful of my speed. In one case, the CHP officer turned on his lights while still on the interchange and completely unable to clock me, use a radar, or compare me to the cars around me since there were none. It was the last days of the year and he was just short on points. The other case, I watched the CHP car enter the freeway and despite that I and everyone else was driving a little below the speed limit and I stayed a consistent and safe distance behind the car ahead, the CHP officer cited me for way over the speed limit and stated that I was in two lanes. I think he was blind.

All I'm looking for are other accounts of similar incidents. If you were guilty with an excuse, there was a technical error with the ticket, or you were "sort of" wrong, you were only "a little over", Im sorry, but that's not what I am looking for. I'm looking for people who were driving 100% correctly and safely and watched their speedometer, did their best, and got a citation anyway.

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